How Successful Is Wells ' Recipe? Essay

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How successful is Wells’ recipe? Discuss with examples of science fiction that both follow and break

with this advice.

The Wellsian rule states that science fiction should only contain one surprising element in order

to 'domesticate the impossible hypothesis '. It would therefore be easy to assume that because some

successful forms of science fiction do not adhere to 'Wellsian rule ' then Wells ' theory must be wrong.

This essay will show that rather than Wells being ‘wrong’, he was trying to teach a particular method

for writing successful, meaningful science fiction. Success, in this essay, will mean either that the

piece of fiction has sold extremely well, won relevant science fiction awards or has had a lasting

influence in science fiction and society more widely. The essay will use particular science fiction texts,

explain if they conform to Wellsian rule and then go onto compare them to other fictional works. In

the end, I will argue that Wells’ recipe is only as successful as the author who writes according to it

- a literary genius may adhere to or break Well’s rule with the end product being equally successful

regardless of the technique used for writing.

Wells was a prolific writer in the 20th century - writing in many different genres from history to

philosophy. However, it is his work in science fiction where he gets his most fame and success.

Nowhere is this most clearly shown in his moniker of “Father of Science Fiction” (Roberts,…

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