How Student Students Affect Their Educational Path Essay

1697 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 null Page
Many difficulties happen to student, which affect their educational path. Students are the one who want to become someone better in this society and unfortunately they have to go through very bad situation. As a student, I had go through many obstacle, specifically, when I got to New York. At first, I had the language barrier, I did not know how communicated with others in English. Therefore, in high school, the Department of Education, took out two years of my education, instead of being in 11th grade, they put me in 9th grade. It was a very difficult situation which affect my studies in a bad way, basically I am behindhand in two years in my education. There are many more examples of how student get affect in their academy journal. Problems involved in education are racism, bad teachers and the way in which minorities communities are treated. This affect our educational system. I believe there is alway a solution and I argue that those problem of education could be fix, if our superiors; the one in control in our country (government), just put the idea of praxis in action, which are the three levels of awareness that society have to go through to progress as a community: Self-awareness, Social Awareness and Global Awareness. I believe that this is the most reasoning solution to the problems student have to deal in education. Our society is in a social stratification, which means the process whereby member of the society are sorted into different statues and categories.…

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