How Steppenwolf Is A Little Out Of Their League Essay

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While all seem to want to tap into their smarter side, Prospects and Lighter patrons project that Steppenwolf is a little out of their league. This was particularly evident in the reluctance of Lighter patrons and Prospects to attend the post play discussion, as it seemed like it was not intended for them
A little less cool, lucky to be there – P, Blogs
I might feel like I 'm a little loud or brash sometimes – L/L, Blogs
That they possess the qualities that I aspire to have but in more effortless fashion – L/L, Blogs
Intellectual, energetic and deep. They can sometimes be too deep – L/L, Blogs
Like I need to step up my game – L/L, Blogs

Some concern that Steppenwolf plays might be too serious or sad
There is a reputation that it is a downer, serious – S, Groups
I think it is that that people who don’t know don’t want to be sad – S, Groups
For my friends it is an intimidation thing. They think the plays are too serious at Steppenwolf, but they go to other theatres – L/L, Groups
Sophistication, the more brainy end of the theater spectrum sometimes feels out of touch from my life – L/L, Blogs

While Light/Lapsed and Prospect respondents often expressed that attending a Steppenwolf show is something they want to do, they are put-off by perceived pre-ticket hassles; they need a push to get them to finally go
It is one of those things that is on your list to do, but never gets done - P, Groups
It was like I was just waiting for someone to invite me. I hadn’t taken the…

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