How Social Psychology And Grant A Basic Understanding Of The Science

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Social Psychology
Social Psychology is the study of human’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in relation to other humans and their surroundings. That is a lot of information and can be quite complex and overwhelming. Therefore, this paper breaks down the components of social psychology have into five categories; discovering the self, influencing others: persuasion, influencing others: obedience and conformity, and group dynamics. In addition, each category will be broken down, making the information easy to understand. These five categories of this paper will summarize social psychology and grant a basic understanding of the science.
Discovering the Self
Beginning with the self. Our self-concept is what humans consciously know about themselves. It is a description of who individuals are. Self-schema goes hand in hand with self-concept and are often times confused for one another. The self-schema is something humans unconsciously use to organize the information of their self-concept. Think of it as a personal filing system complete with information that can be used to describe each themselves. (Feenstra, 2013).
Self-schemas may be an unconscious act, but people also think consciously. This is called self-awareness. This is what individuals are aware of about themselves. Self-awareness can be separated into two categories; private self-awareness and public self-awareness (Feenstra, 2013).
Private self-awareness is as the name implies, private thoughts, emotions, feelings,…

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