How Social Networking Has Affected Relationships Essay

1005 Words Aug 13th, 2015 5 Pages
Facebook is having a significant impact on our everyday lives. People are finding more worth in social media. It seems as though more and more people are getting involved and are becoming more familiar with the online world. People today seem to be more in-tune with cyberspace rather than reality. What are they doing with their time? What are they trying to achieve? Continually searching for something worth their while, people will come to realize sooner or later they cannot find happiness from social networks. There is a variety of pros and cons that come along with social networking, but we are noticing with the help of researchers the negative effects are beginning to outweigh the positive ones. There are many articles and researches on how social networking has affected relationships. For example, Terrel Harris wrote an essay called, “3 Ways Social Media is Killing Friendships.” In his article, he discusses about how networking is leading to the decline of intimate relationships. There are many other articles similar to his, and they also talk about the other effects of social networking. Ones such as, “Does Social Media Bring Us Closer- or Make Us Loners?” by Wency Leung’s, “Social Networking is Not Killing Friendships” by Kate Harding, and last but not least, “Is Facebook Making us lonely?” by Stephen Marche. In each of these articles the authors write about the experiences they have encountered with social networking; they also inform readers about their…

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