How Social Media Has Changed The World Essay

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Like or Share: Increase Your Ratings
Temple Jackson
BUS 600 Management
Professor Millicent Addo
October 4, 2015

Like or Share: Increase Your Ratings As predicted, the Internet has changed the world in ways that no one could imagine. One of the Internet 's greatest inventions is social media. Social media is one of most useful tools throughout this decade. "As recorded by the Pew Research Center, 71 percent of online users are participants on a social media site" (Eddy, 2014). The influence of social media has changed the way people live and interact from dating to searching for a job. Social media networks can provide many benefits to its users. Before social media, people had to meet one another at public for common interests or to meet new people. Now, people use social media and dating websites to develop their dating interests. Websites like Facebook help people find distant relatives and individuals who may have attended their previous schools or colleagues form a former employer. Of course, websites such as YouTube and Instagram produce entertaining videos or images as well as to all others share creative ideas. In addition, people use social media sites like LinkedIn to network and establish relationships for their job interests. "Recently, job seekers use social networking sites such as LinkedIn as a springboard to discussions on subjects that they are experienced in as an excellent way of communicating with potential…

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