How Social Media Has Changed Relationships Essay examples

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In “Faux Friendship” William Deresiewicz, discusses how social media has changed friendships, and how the experience of making new friends has changed over the years. Everyone needs someone in their life to talk to or share problems and happiness with in their life. Friends are a very important part of our lives. Most of the time, true friends always have your back to support you in difficult times. It used to be very hard to make friends because there was no technology as there is now. Social media has made it very easy for everyone to become a friend in a matter of minutes. Due to social media we allow our friendships to be influenced by our activities, and by the events we surrounded ourselves with. Social media is one of the main reason friendships have changed over the decades. The author uses social media as evidence to defend his argument. Deresiewicz notes “With the social-networking sites of the new century- Friendster and Myspace were launched in 2003, Facebook in 2004-the friendship circle has expanded to engulf the whole of social world…” (440). People are becoming friends through social media in nowadays. Facebook and Myspace are widely used to make friends and to reconnect with old friends, along with several other social media sites. This proves that, since social media like Facebook and Myspace are invented in this world, friendship has changed. People are no longer seeing each other face to face. They are communicating through messages and…

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