Essay on How Social Media Affects Our Lives

1246 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
How we connect to people is different online than it is face to face. Social media allows us to be free to be the person we really are inside without worry about how people perceive us, even when we don 't feel we can be that way in person. For example, I have a couple of really good friends, we have been friends for over twenty years, and we haven 't always lived close to each other. Before we all had regular access to social media, it was hard for us to talk to each other, share things, and keep up on our lives like it had been when we could all walk to each others ' houses. Phone numbers would be lost, addresses would change, and years would go by while I lived out of state, where we didn 't all see or hear from each other. Chance meetings and other mutual contacts kept us just within reach of each other, but it was work to follow the invisible web of friendship and the timing didn 't always work out. With one of those friends, that link wasn 't always necessary; we always found each other again somehow and it was always like it had been the last time we had seen each other. We picked right up where we left off every time, even after the hard times when she was using drugs heavily. The other friend was the one that always found a way to stay in touch with me, even during my years long absence, so we were usually fairly caught up with the general stuff and only had to fill in the details. But, she had a tendency to get mad; take her loneliness and emotional outbursts out…

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