How Social Construction Is The Way We Look At The World As A Society?

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When defining social construction, I believe that it is defined as the way we look at the world as a society and how we each develop our own interpretations on how we view each other. The article really does bring up a very good point in that, every society questions how to dispense power, opportunities, wealth and resources (Rothenburg1). All over the world societies have not created equal privileges for everyone, no matter their sex, race, class and gender. Society today I believe is that we are either equal or extremely unequal towards all of the groups. Are generation tends to deny how they want to perceive sexuality. When you talk about sexuality many people believe that you are either straight or homosexual. With defining that there is only two different types of sexuality’s, many peoples perception is that being straight is the “normal” thing. I tend to believe that if you don’t follow the times and accept the fact that people are allowed to love whoever they want, you are living in the past. While reading the article Ruth Hubbard makes the statement that, “While society defines whites correct and permissible homosexual people are left wondering if they were born ‘differently’ (Rothenburg 66). I found it to be interesting that Hubbard says that people fall in love with the individual, not with the sex. If society were to think like this imagine what the world would be like. The world wouldn’t have any categories, no one would have to say I 'm straight or I 'm…

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