How Slavery Has Changed Over The Years Essay

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One of the most well known topics that generations back then to now are well aware of, is slavery. Whether it be from BC times to 2016, slavery has been a tremendous part of the world and society itself . It has evolved through out the years, changing the way numerous people go amongst their daily lives. The evolution of slavery has dramatically changed over the years dating back to ancient times, Middle Ages, early modern days and present contemporary times. Essentially dating back to the 7th century BC in Sparta and Athens Greece, the states depended on the work of servants through forced labor. Various slaves during this time often had contrasting duties. For example some were merely forced to clean and do house work while others were driven to the point of death working in the mines. Many women took care of children, while men ran the house hold and provided safety and protection for the families. Rome during this time also employed slaves into the household, office and armies. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, slavery continued in the countries around the Mediterranean. During the expansion of the Germans in the 10th century many Slavs moved towards the Indo-European area. The effect of their capture caused the term 'slaves ' to become the name in which servants were called. The slaves were also a huge aspect of Portugal and Egypt at the time. Also, during the early modern ages such as the 15th and 17th century the Portuguese…

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