How Risky Management Should Not Be An Afterthought When Planning Disaster Readiness

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Risky Management is what some would note as the bread and butter in Homeland Security and Homeland Defense. There are many aspects which are vital to the protection of America’s personnel, infrastructure and resources. However, risk management is one of the most important tools in the box to protect America. Risk management provides a unique opportunity for an organization to identify and evaluate their vulnerabilities. It also affords an organization the ability to prepare for the consequences should an incident occur. Through risk management, an organization can implement preventative measures to ensure their vulnerabilities are not exploited. According to Lindell, Perry and Prater in their 2007 book, Introduction to Emergency Management, risk management should not be an afterthought when planning disaster readiness. Identifying risks before they pose a problem is a fundamental portion of emergency management. Lindell, Perry and Prater define risk as the possibility that personnel, property or resources could be impacted in a negative way (2007). It is usually defined in the terms of the probability that an incident can or will occur at a certain location within a specific period of time and is likely to cause casualties and damage. This risk must be successfully communicated to those who are most likely to be directly impacted by an incident (Lindell, Perry & Prater). In order to identify risk, we must evaluate every aspect of our…

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