How Religious And Cultural Differences Divide Each Individual

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Nearly 20 percent of all international immigrants reside in the United Sate today. People can see how religious and cultural differences divide each individual in a multicultural society like America.
America is a cultural melting pot that exposes a person to many cultures other than their own that they would not otherwise. Knowledge alone is not enough to shape our multicultural society like America.
Therefore, I believe that learning about other cultures and religious are the best way to gain more knowledge around the world and make people get closer to each other. In response to a story “Being a Muslim- and a Teenager- in America,” by Mily J. Sharko, the readers can understand how the immigrants balance their personal lives between their own cultures and the American culture. Sharko is 14 years old American teenager and she is also Muslim. She experiences the American living style when she goes out of the house, but when at home she is under strict rules that is enforced by her Muslim family. Although she loves being both cultures, she still felt discouraged when some people thought that part of her religion and culture is being a terrorist and supporting terrorism when she wore her hijab( female head scarf ). At the end, Sharko wants to show that even though her family is Muslim, they do not support and agree with terrorism. She encouraged people try to balance both cultures. She also emphasizes that we should never let religious or cultural

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