How Rap Music effects Children Essay

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How Rap Music effects children. by Aren Darneal.
Mrs.Glover's english 3.

The urban youth of today are highly influenced by the lyrics of the music they listen to. This music can be narrowed down to today’s version of hip-hop, or more commonly called rap. The youth are influenced by the lyrics and want to be like the rappers and live their lifestyle. What do these artists specifically talk about that want the youth to act this way? Most rap artists today produce the images of drug abuse, prostitution, money, and other topics such as drug dealing. What can be done by parents to stop this widespread urge in youth to become an idol to others? The fact is that with the United States constitution, not much can be done due to our freedom of
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These in fact might be the wrongs idols that kids need to live a successful life. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had an article of the negative influences of hip-hop, which was mainly directed towards young women. Many girls are shown images of scantily clad women in music videos living life in the riches and just flaunting their sexuality. This is showing young women that if they act like this they could be rich and live a glamorous life. In reality, this is prostitution and these woman are just being paid to provide artists with sexual favors. The article also states that it is the image that sells to youth. Many famous rappers such as Kanye West have songs that are filled with degrading images and lyrics of women just being there for the money, which in return subjects them to believing that they are there just for sexual favors and money (SaeNgian C-1). Today’s rap artists are like anarchists. This is because most lyrics are strictly trying to influence a lifestyle of breaking laws and rebelling against the government. The lifestyle spoken of in the majority of rap is making a life of doing wrongs to succeed. This is not the image children need to hear in their daily lives to succeed.
Rap music was once used as a form of social protest for African American individuals who wanted to give hope and show a positive side of life for others. Rap used

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