How Racism And Ethnicity Affect The Sector Of Education Essay

1880 Words Oct 25th, 2016 8 Pages
Racism and ethnicity continue to affect the sector of education in most parts of the world. It influences adults and children experiences in education in all levels and in various ways. These include professional employment, academic performance, parental involvement, social interactions, assessment issues, and curriculum development. The terms racism and ethnicity are recognized as problematic and are created socially. Many people fail to recognize that racism is a perception about the color of the skin and traditions of a particular group of people. Racism and ethnicity exist in quite blatant and subtle forms. They usually lead to negative consequences for the group that does not belong to the dominant culture. The contemporary racism is believed to have originated from various avenues, one of it being the society norms and upbringing. As children grow, they exclusively rely on their parents or guardians to learn new things. Part of the upbringing involves teaching the children things about the society and the difference between the various groups of people that exist around the globe. For instance, if their parents tell them that the Whites are criminals, Asians are evil, or Blacks are sneaky, the children will definitely believe it. Racism and ethnicity play a critical role in the education sector. In this essay, the focus will be to analyze how racism and ethnicity affect education in Baltimore City.
Baltimore city is famous for racism and…

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