How Race Is Effecting People Essay

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What is the author’s purpose in writing this book? I believe that the author’s purpose in writing this book is to contemplate how race is effecting people. How race can make some people feel inferior to others or even how race can make you fear for your life. One of the major things that Coates discusses is how when he was younger he would walk out of his house and look left and right for danger. He talks about how people never had faith in him throughout his life. How as a kid his mother taught him how to read and write and how by writing about things that he did wrong really made him think about his actions. He also talked about some of the things that he did do wrong were things that people would relate to race. I think that his other purpose in writing this is to remind people that they can go against the norm. At the end of the book, Coates is talking to Prince’s mother. During his talk she says that she became a doctor and was able to send her son to private schools. With that she thought that she was going to be able to set her son up for success and she was. After her son is killed by a cop she feels as if it is her fault because she was the one that told him to be himself. She also states that she was the one that bought him the jeep that he was driving when he was killed. I think that this is one of the examples where Coates is trying to tell his son to be himself, but still be aware.
Do you agree with the author’s assessment of American race relations? I do…

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