How Psychological Theory Can Help Us Understand The Development Of Needs

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This essay will explain how psychological theory can help us understand the development of needs of an individual from the case study. It will include the five stages of the life cycle and the relationship of a range of needs associated with the development of the individual. It will also talk about two theoretical approaches with contrasting perspectives relating to the development and needs of the individual from the case study.

The five stages of the life cycle explain the processes an individual will go through in their lifetime. The infancy stage occurs from birth until the age of 2, where the child is able to take part in physical activities such as rolling over. Between the ages of 2-12 the childhood stage is where the individual learns how to walk and talk and starts to socialise. Adolescence occurs at the age of 12-21 and is the stage where an individual becomes more social in regards to peer groups. This is the most important stage because it is where the individual is independent; they also go through puberty and become more sexually aware. A person goes through their adulthood stage at 21-65 and they look after themselves with the skills they have learned from previous stages. Older adulthood occurs when the individual is 65 years old onwards, the last stage of the life cycle and also where they have a set culture.

There are five main strands in an individual’s development whilst they grow up. These are social, physical, emotional, cognitive and cultural. The…

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