How Poverty Effects Children During The Long Run Essay

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How Poverty effects Children in the Long Run
The definition of poverty is the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support. Poverty has many different forms it does not always look like tattered clothes and dirty faces. Poverty grabs a family or person and once it has a hold its hard to get loose from the chains. Poverty is more times than not a lifelong struggle the poor get poorer. When people think poverty everyone is concerned with the children because they did nothing to get in this situation they’re just stuck. The effects that poverty can have on a child are grave. Growing up poor can affect children in a variety of ways.
Often times when people think of poor people they think that in order to find actual poor people that they need to travel outside the United States but that is not the case. Late at night when those commercials come on about the children who are alone and raising themselves in third world countries and you feel your heart break, well that’s happening right here in American too it just goes unnoticed sometimes. Poverty in America looks different because items are easier to get a hand on. Social scientist have many ways to say what poverty is, but no matter how you spin it about “16 percent of Americans are poor” (Duncan, 89). Child poverty is considerably high in the US approximately “one-quarter are classified as poor” (Duncan, 90). Even with all the people living below the poverty line so many Americans go outside the…

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