How Police Use Force? Essay

1642 Words Sep 30th, 2015 null Page
There are a lot of things going on today about how police use force. People are steady dying or getting hurt. For example, in August of 2014, a teenage boy was shot and killed by a police officer in St. Louis, Mo. Since then, police have killed more than 1,083 Americans, according to Vice News. There have been riots and chaos for justice for some of these people. People have destroyed lots of stores and places because they were angry with the officers. When people are apart of the riots, some of them get physical with officers, which causes the officers to hurt them. These riots are just causing more conflicts. According to Katz, Walter. "Enhancing Accountability And Trust With Independent Investigations Of Police Lethal Force.", trust with the law enforcement is gone because of their concept of biased investigations, like deadly-force incidents. Efforts are being made to enhance the trust through the use of independent investigations. There are models in other countries that are designed to produce bias-free investigations that increases the public trust in the government. For example, in the Eric Garner case, the grand jury refused to file any criminal charges against the officer who killed him. This caused distrust between the communities and police. Also, it caused “The loss of the public’s trust in the investigations and reviews of police-involved deaths”. Katz said, “ The various states should look to these other systems and create independent agencies to…

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