How Photography Has Changed Changing Business Environment Essay example

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For nearly 100 years, the camera has been largely the same – a box with a lens attached to it which stream light in and records it onto a film plane or a digital sensor (1). Of course there have been improvements made to this box and lens throughout the years – notably better lens quality and the mechanics of the camera itself. Major changes in photography did not start happening until the big players in photography tried to miniaturize their cameras. None of these cameras caught on or excelled in a big way until smartphones entered the photography picture. Nowadays, 61% of Americans owns a smartphone (2) which means that 61% of Americans have the capability to take high quality photographs. 25 years ago it would have been unfathomable to image 61% of the United States population with miniature high powered cameras in their pockets. 25 years from now, photography will be dominated by these miniature high powered cameras. The last few years of photography have been defined by innovation – in order to keep up with this rapidly changing business environment, Apple will have to remain on the cutting edge of photography technology.
The iPhone has changed the world of not only telephones, but also photography. It has ushered in a new age of technology, specifically a new era of photography by providing high quality cameras to a tremendous amount of consumers. In fact, the popularity of the iPhone has led to statements that professional photographers no longer exist because being…

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