How Patient Care Is A Vital Role Within The Nursing Arena Essay

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It is prominent in the healthcare setting to learn from the bad decisions or inaccuracies that occur through a wide variety of settings and cases that are presented to the hospitals for treatment. This learning process is an ever-going development where the challenges encountered are mere problems with needed solutions, and these solutions are sought after using data collected through evidence that remains prevalent then complied to derive a superlative solution. The process of nursing also poses challenges when patient care is examined. Patient care is a vital role within the nursing arena, and this role heeds significant attention to ensure errors do not occur. Metropolitan Hospital a large teaching hospital that has four main units working collectively to create one large organization providing care to many people with distinctive problems. The four areas of care include the maternity, medical surgical, emergency, and mental health units. These separate units work differently using diverse dynamics; since each department is dissimilar in nature the delivery care model may differ as well. Caring for patients in the same manor in different units would not adequately meet the needs of specific patient population; hence, the delivery care models should fluctuate and be specific to the necessities of the patient populace within the unit. The emergency department (ED) is divided into three sections: adult, pediatric, and psychiatric. Throughout this department the use of total…

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