How Nature Can Be Blamed For The Destruction Of Our World Essay

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It was on the unforgettable day of March 11, 2011 that nineteen thousand people perished in a catastrophic event known as the Japanese tsunami. The assertion made by Aaron Kong, "It is human action and not nature that should be blamed for the destruction of our world and the suffering and death of so many people everywhere," is partly correct in the sense that humans are indeed responsible for the misery of many people. However, humans are not completely to blame because nature also plays a considerable role in causing carnage to our society. Over time, society has released detrimental substances such as fossil fuels into the atmosphere, which have provoked natural disasters to occur more frequently. Contrarily, in "Going to Extremes" Linda Marsa argues that nature 's natural deficiencies, such as lack of nutrients in its soil, is shown to cause catastrophic weather. Aside from the weather, nature plays a substantial role in our development. Nature affects the way many amygdalae are developed as mentioned by Josh Fischman in "Criminal Minds." Nature can be the root cause of destruction, but humans can have the tendency to antagonize it. Human action takes on a part in the suffering of many people because carbon emissions that threaten the creation of global warming still exist today. In the article "Going to Extremes", Marsa complicates the situation raised by Kong by indicating that the people of Australia are partly to blame for natural disasters. It is because…

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