Essay about How My Portfolio Meets My Target Audience

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Evaluation of finished website
In this review I will be explaining how my portfolio meets my target audience. I will also explain how it meets the website purpose, meets the client needs, strengths and weaknesses of my website, Comments from test users, Constraints, Evaluate changes I have made to my website and any further improvements to my website.
How it meets the website purpose (P7, M6)

The website will allow Mr Long’s customers to see what the shop sells, easily and at their own convenience. It will be accessible 24/7 day or night which allows Mr Long’s customers to see what he sells without coming into the shop. This means you could be at work and look at a CD you want to buy without being at the shop.
The site will allow Mr Long’s customers to see what he sells. I am making the site because Mr Long decided he would like a website that he can use to promote the shop and the products he sells. He has no specific target audience, his estimated the age range and it will age from 10 upwards with no real age limit. I kept referring back to the client needs sheet to make sure that I have not missed anything I needed to include in to the website.
Firstly the website met the purpose because it shows what Mr Long sells at his shop. Secondly I have also met the purpose because I produced two page one shows old vinyl records and the other page shows more current music. Thirdly I have met the purpose because it had to appeal to the audience I have done this by…

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