How Music Changed Music Essay

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How It All Began
“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”
― Plato
This paper will be about how music players changed the world, how it evolved to the music devices we have today, and it’s great impact on society. What we listen to today has evolved completely and creatively from what it was before, as well as what device it is listened on. Starting off with Thomas Edison’s invention of the phonograph in 1877. The sound wasn 't the best but being that it was the first, it was pretty decent. He toured the country with the invention, it had been the first ever method of recording and playing back. After that that had been a great hit came 10 years later the gramophone by Emile
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With the invention of the phonograph was not available to all people since the device wasn 't at all affordable. After a more cheaper and popular version came out, people were able to record their own music and play it on the go. People started changing the way they saw things, mix tapes were popular, usually for a friend or a special someone. Before the phonograph and the gramophone, music was very much a social event. Before the Phonograph People usually gathered at a common location: a club, a concert hall, a bandstand to listen to music together. After Edison’s and Belmar 's invention started appearing in private homes in the early 20th century, there was a change. The living room (or wherever the machine was) replaced the concert hall and the club. Music changed from being a group experience to a personal one. Listening to music by popular performers was now available on demand. People learned to copy songs by listening to a record over and over again. By the 1930s, more people were listening to more music, as well as more different types of music, than they had at any point in human history. If someone wanted to hear their favorite song or listen to a new album, the vinyl …show more content…
Therefore, vinyl records during this period of time had a high function value.(The Social Impact of The Phonograph). Also vinyl record had a great impact on society, for example if someone wanted to hear their favorite song or listen to a new album, the vinyl record was the only type of technology that was able to perform this function. For that reason vinyl records during this period of time had a high function value.(The History of the Vinyl Record and the Production of New Technologies). The author of a Huff Post Entertainment article stated, “Cassettes were the medium that carried me from the age of bedwetting to the age of wet dreams, from the accidental ignorance of childhood to the willful ignorance of my teenage years, from nursery school naptime to high school graduation. The tapes that mattered most to me weren 't just landmark recordings. In fact, some of them weren 't even good recordings. But they were autobiographical landmarks, artifacts from the years just before I became a 21st century digital boy.” By this statement you can tell that Cassettes players had a great impact on many people of different ages and different stages of their life. “Before I became a 21st century digital boy”, After the CD’s became popular for a certain period of time came the biggest hit in music media, the iPod. This completely changed how people listened to music was listened to. Instead of having to change

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