How Much Should Community Values Influence Land Use Decision?

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After reading the article, “How much should community values influence land use decision?”, the town of Weldon has been met with the ethical question of should Cahoots be allowed to open their restaurant downtown. Upon studying the dilemma the relevant facts are that 50% of downtown shops are vacant and the unemployment rate of Weldon is at an all-time high. Weldon, with a population of 50,000 people, has demographics that are conducive to Cahoots opening a new restaurant to complement their additional restaurants nearby, as well as the other restaurants in the town. While Cahoots has been singled out as having loud music, scanty costumes, and “dancing” very few who oppose the restaurant have actually visited it, and are basing their opinions primarily on TV ads. Opening the new Cahoots restaurant can also provide a means for revitalization for the community that has had several vacant properties, including the one in question that has been vacant for the past five years
There are many people who are involved in the ethical dilemma who have a positive view of the new establishment, Cahoots, coming to Weldon such as the Mayor of the town, Tony Pell, who is also affiliated with the regional business-development agency as well as the Managers and investors of cahoots. Brian Petrillo, the Regional vice-president is also in favor of the restaurant opening in downtown. Lastly, Kirk McGuire, owner of many vacant properties in downtown is also in favor of opening the Cahoots to…

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