Essay about How Money Doesn 't The World

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How Money Relates To Us
One could argue that the harshest sound in the world is the sound of a few pieces of copper, and nickel clicking around in a person’s pocket or handbag. This is not only the sound of a person living on a few cents , this is the sound of a person thinking he/she needs more money, feeling broke or stressed, and behaving a certain way because they don’t have the amount of money they would like to . This is the sound of the average person. The sound of Mike, Scarlet, John, and Jacob; who all thank to useless majors are now struggling financially. “Money makes the world go around” (CBS news). Many people are now entering or have been in a state of “affluenza”, which is defined by Carolyn Gregoire of the Huffington post as a “painful, contagious, socially transmitted condition, of overload, debt, anxiety, and waste, resulting from the dogged pursuit of more.” something as simple as money is making people feel things like terrified, ashamed, and furious. Money has a huge part in our world today, and it can dictate how a person thinks, feels, and/or behaves. There’s no doubt that there is a universal theory that joy is somehow related to; money; that the more wealth you have the happier you’ll be. Upon hearing or realizing this you automatically see the sense behind the theory. The more money you have the more you can satisfy your wants, and the more your wants are satisfied the happier you’ll be contempt with not wanting much of anything. This theory…

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