How Modality And Word Type Affect False Recall Essay

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Our experiment examined how modality and word type could affect false recall in a word list paradigm. Manipulating modality (auditory and visual presentation) and word type (concrete and abstract) has never been studied in relation to false recall. We predicted that the word lists that were presented aurally and/or contained concrete terms would show higher rates of false recall for the critical lure words. Approximately, 24 undergraduate students took part in the study. The participants were presented with 12 word lists that were associated with 6 concrete lures, and 6 abstract lures. The 12 word lists were separated equally into two blocks with varied modality. Participants would review the lists in each block, and complete a free recall task after each individual word list was presented. Our results showed a significant main effect of word type on false recall, as well as a marginally significant main effect of modality on false recall. Our findings support the idea that many factors, like word type, can impact the rate at which false memories occur in a world list paradigm.

Introduction and Method Every second of our day, we have information constantly being thrown at us. Countless amounts of stimuli constantly streaming through our brains. With mass amounts of information pouring into our own personal databases, comes mass amounts of information that we have to attempt to remember. We do our best to maintain accurate data logs in our heads of all…

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