How Literature Is Influenced By Literature And Poetry Essay

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“Only the weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry” (Goodreads). While in high school, teenagers are forced to read novels, plays, and news articles. It is a teacher’s goal to not only give students more knowledge; it is also their goal to figure out how many students are weak-minded. Katelynn is the average junior in high school. She plays sports, hangs out with friends, and tries her best in the classroom. Although she would never admit it aloud, Katelynn always looked forward to her English classes. There, she could open her mind to what different novels were truly saying. She knew that there was always a deeper meaning to a novel than what her teachers talked about. It was her goal to find those deeper meanings and put them into the perspective of her life. She was unstoppable and had a mind full of creative thoughts and ideas that she only showed to her teachers because that was what they were there for. Although the definition of literature is generally associated with teaching, it should be associated with escape, redemption, and loving life. The first meaning of literature that should be associated with it whenever one hears the word is escape. To find escape in literature is simple for some, and difficult for others. In an article written by Sharron McElmeel, she discusses how students differ when it comes to what they want to learn about, and how she has learned about this. McElmeel acknowledges that “One of the best techniques for motivating…

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