Essay about How Laughter Can Make Us You Laugh?

1612 Words Feb 16th, 2016 null Page
I had planned on starting this paper with a joke that would have hopefully made you laugh. Then, I would have explained how laughter can make us feel better and all the work your body does when we laugh. After a full class period of scouring the internet for the perfect joke that could make anyone laugh, I realized a few things. First, reading a joke to yourself from a piece of paper or screen does not convey the same effect that occurs when someone else tells the joke. The tone of the teller 's voice plays an important role in delivering the impact of the joke. In order to achieve this, the teller must know how to tell the joke. Yet, if you read the joke, then reread it for emphasis, you know the outcome, thus tainting the intended response of the joke. Second, social stimulation presents the ideal opportunity for laughter. Laughter functions as a social signal that can create or strengthen an emotional bond. If a tree falls in the woods, it does make a sound; but no one pays any interest in it because no one watched it fall. There is no point in laughing if nobody will see or hear you. People are less likely to laugh alone; however, when you do laugh at something in the absence of others, no one will know, and you will not establish that connection with them. Laughter has other benefits besides creating bonds. Although there can also be harmful after effects of laughter that might outweigh these benefits. Laughter may not be the best medicine after all.…

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