How Late Divorce Is Different Than Early Divorce? Essay

1349 Words Nov 8th, 2015 6 Pages
Divorce is a mutual or involuntary separation that happens between two conjoint who used to be married and live together. Painful, it has never been an easy process as it thorns family apart and destroyed partner’s self-esteem by their inabilities to cope with the void left afterward. But the disengagement we used to see at an early stage into marriage starts to increase; nowadays, we see more late life divorce happening than ever. Thus throbbing, some questions have raised: how late divorce is different than early divorce? As both cause harm and disconnect household, a comparison between them will show the convenient and inconvenient of being divorced at each of this stage. Moreover, a gender role contributes to make a net dissimilarity, as the man either at the early or late stage do not have the limit of age and still be able to re-do their lives. At the opposite of woman who battle, scramble and hassle on neither of the divorce have to deal with all physicals changing, aging process, self- depreciation and raising children as a single parent while accommodating with the new life changing. In the early divorce, reasons younger couples split up -- infidelity, financial pressures, regrets about earlier decisions, or a desire for greater independence. But also in there couples do not have much share to divide which make it easier for them to separate. The man in the relationship is still very young to re-start his life. As he 's having a career, he will be more focus on…

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