How Is The Mind Of Both Gender Affected Differently From Violence?

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How is the mind of both gender affected differently from violence? This is an evaluative question because in order to research and find this answer you would have to observe on how does a woman and a man think on a daily basis. When you evaluate your dealing with judgment, choice, and values. Each of this variants are judge because of its quality, which defends or justify their choice.
My question can meet the criteria of social importance because society has become so different that many minds in this world between women and men have been evolved in their own way. So researching to gain answers for my question may help others connect with one another. Some say a mind of a man can be different from a woman, but others may disagree. I believe it all has to do with the personality. Males and females may have different experiences like with sexual violence or maybe a terrible childhood, society can have a different impact between men and women. Work environments for men and women may be different.

In the article Physical and mental health effects of intimate partner violence for men and women, Dr. Coker collected data base from the National Violence Against women survey. The Study focused on the intimate partner violence based on physical, psychological, or sexual. People studied were from ages 18-65. 29% of the women compare to 23 % of men had experienced either physical, psychological or sexual IPV (intimate partner violence). Women were significantly affected the most, due…

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