How is language encouraged in; Montessori prepared environment?

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Question for DMT 106- Language:

Language is the ability to understand speech and a desire to convey one’s feelings and thoughts. The learning of language is truly the child’s most remarkable intellectual achievement and is amazingly accomplished rapidly in a very short time span.
“By mere living and without any conscious effort the individual absorbs from the environment even a complex culture like language”

E. Hainstock, The Essential Montessori. – Pg. 81

Since the child builds himself from what is around him, the environment becomes an important factor. The environment must be prepared, aiding in the process of language development and support the child’s expanding consciousness. How is language encouraged in;
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Why does a teacher when teaching folding of napkins stress on the lightness of touch, and evenness of pressure when tracing the lines on the napkin folds? This too is to ensure the child has this skill when he writes, he should know how to control the pressure used when he uses a writing tool to write on paper.
In each and every activity, in PLE act as a basic for language, when a teacher introduces every activity, she uses pure and simple language so that the child is able to grasp the vocabulary used. The child listens to the instructions given by his teacher and follows them accordingly. He is introduced to nouns (cup, bowl, jug, beans, etc) and adjectives (spooning, pouring, transferring, etc) without it being forced to him. A child learns the non-verbal form of language during these period.

The child is also thought to have social grace and courtesy in Practical Life
Exercises (PLE); these are skills that are important when living in a society and also is an essential part of language skills. He learns how to greet according to the time of day, shake hands, say “thank you” and use phrases and words such as “May I” and
“Please” when interacting with others. All these give the child the basis and foundation to live in accordance to the norms of the society he lives in.
“He should not

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