Essay about How Is Dante 's Inferno Allegorical?

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(How is Dante’s Inferno allegorical?)
There is a reason for everything that happens in our world, better known as fate. The things that happen in this world will always have a deeper meaning. Life has many unexpected plans and journeys that might not always compatible to what you wanted to happen. Even if this happens, you must always remember that everything happens for a reason. Many authors throughout history have wrote stories that teachers you a lesson, or is allegorical. An Author by the name of Carol Forman wrote a book that addresses the Inferno, and she defines an allegory as, “An allegory is a story that has one meaning on the literal level, and another on a symbolic or metaphoric level as well” (Forman). This definition means there are physical and mental lessons and meanings to a story. The journey of Dante in his historical writing of the Inferno, and what hell is made of. Every circle, or level, of Hell is made up of an allegory relating to the physical punishment of the sinners and the reason for that particular punishment. In the great literature Inferno, by Dante Alighieri, there is an allegory that is very important to the text.
Entering Circle 1, Limbo, it confirms that there is no hope in hell. When you enter the Gates of Hell, entering Limbo, there is a sign that says, “Ye who enter, abandon all hope.” Hell is permanent, and there is no getting out. That is something that is very mentally challenging to accept when people think of sinning and…

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