How Is Abigail Williams Responsible In The Crucible

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The play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller is an allegory for the 1950’s Red Scare that tells the story of the 1962 Salem Witch Trials. Miller shows how people 's jealousy, built up anger, and greed are responsible for the events of The Crucible.

Abigail Williams was a servant to the Proctor household but also, the mistress to John Proctor who was married to Elizabeth Proctor. When Elizabeth discovered the affair she fired Abigail and kicked her out of the house. By that time though, Abigail had already become infatuated with the idea that she and Proctor were more than just lovers, but instead soulmates. Abigail hated Elizabeth for keeping her from being with the main that she claimed to love. She would look and wait for John, hoping that
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They wrongfully accuse and hold back truths all so that they can keep or gain a high and respectable social status in the town. Reverend Parris is a much hated man in the town of Salem, many do not trust him and as John Proctor had put it, “[There is] no light of God in that man”(65). Abigail Williams is the niece of Reverend Parris, and also one of the 14 girls who he saw conjuring spirits in the woods. Parris has the highest social status in the town since he is considered to be the closest to God, and if the People of Salem were to find that out, they would overthrow him. He was terrified of being humiliated by the “faction that is sworn to drive [him] from [his] pulpit” (10). Despite Parris being an ordained minister, he lies to the courts about what is niece had done in order to save himself from damnation. Judge Danforth as well does not want to lose his credibility in the town and will sacrifice other people 's lives to save his good name. When asked to postpone the execution of Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor he says that, “postponement now speaks a floundering on [his] part”(129). Had Danforth postponed the execution and reevaluated the information he had been given, maybe John Proctor and Rebecca would have lived and been given justice. Danforth was afraid that the people would begin to doubt him and take him for a fool so in turn allowed two whose lives could have been spared, had he looked at the evidence again. While the Putnams did not already have a high social status to maintain, they wanted to gain one. The Putnams had land but not as much as they would like to have to be considered a high power in the community. The Putnams decide that the only way to rise in social power was basically to take another man 's land, so the Putnams do just that. The Putnams accuse

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