Essay on How Interpersonal Communication Has Come A Long Way

1145 Words Aug 30th, 2016 null Page
The way in which we use interpersonal communication has come a long way. There was a point in which people only had to worry about the proper etiquette needed when communicating in person but advances in technology have given us one more thing to worry about: what social norms to follow when communicating online. This change in communication came with a set of unwritten rules that most people typically follow because they do not want to be viewed as weird or creepy for not following them as everyone else does. There are rules on what actions one can and cannot commit in order to be socially accepted by other online users. For example, it is not appropriate to like a person’s old pictures because then it may appear to them as if you were stalking their page which is something one should never do but if we’re being completely honest here, most of us are guilty of doing it anyway.
Social media sites were designed for its users to connect with other people; however, there has to be a degree of caution when considering whom we should be associating ourselves with online. Some online users tend to be more open with what they post while others are more private and reserved with their posts. If an individual does not have a problem with having unknown individuals know what is happening in their personal lives, then that is their choice to make. On the other hand, if a person is more reserved they might not feel comfortable sharing their life with unfamiliar people. Ultimately, it…

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