Essay on How I Would Improve My Study Design

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While there was no apparent difference in preference between the two meals there are many explanations as to why this is. In fact while interacting with the subjects while they ate and filled out their surveys, I would say un-objectively that most subjects seemed to show signs or make regards that I would indicate they enjoyed the “high-quality” meal more. For example, several subjects commented that the “low-quality” chicken was fatty tasting. Additionally, many enjoyed the organic broccoli more than the conventional broccoli. Additionally, in retrospect there were many ways that I could improve my study design. Firstly, my subject pool was inadequate to draw any real conclusions. Additionally, I think a way to further improve this idea would be to prepare food as simply as possible, even more basically than I did during this independent study. This way the food itself can be enjoyed in its most pure state. Another aspect that could be further developed was working specifically with subjective perception of taste only. This could be easily accomplished by working with local purveyors of food to find the best “high-quality” ingredients possible (defining “high-quality” as the same as above) as local artisans who work with small amounts of products tend to have higher quality products because of the attention and care that can be paid to the final product. However, this would present an additional problem as many local farmers who produce extremely delicious and nutritious…

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