How I Tell Stories About Yourself That Make You Sound Interesting?

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How To Tell Stories About Yourself That Make You Sound Interesting To Women
Women like guys who are charming and interesting. Why wouldn 't they? Those are some redeeming qualities about any human being.

Some guys naturally have a lot of charm and draw the interest of women. But other guys have a harder time painting an attractive light around themselves.

Luckily, for all guys, conversation is a great time to show a woman how awesome you are. And, telling stories about your experiences in life will help a woman see who you are, what you stand for, and that you have a lot to offer her.

Through stories you can let a woman know that you have a sense of humor, dedication, confidence, adventure, passion, and so much more.
Since stories help you paint a positive picture without bragging about your awesomeness (being egotistic), it becomes important to know how to tell good stories.

And in order to know how to tell good stories about yourself, you have to know what not to do when telling your stories.

So, how do you tell great stories about yourself? DON 'T do the following things.

1. Don 't Be Random

The trick is to incorporate stories that relate to the conversation. For instance, if she is talking about an awesome vacation experience she had, then a story about a vacation where you also had an awesome experience would fit in nicely. But, if you start talking about your experience at the casino last night, it forces her to move totally off topic and that can be slightly…

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