How I Learned The Truth About My Family History Essay

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How I Learned the Truth about My Family History The stories that I have heard while growing up in the Adcock family sometimes seemed rather far-fetched. Though hearing them from my grandfather, I always assumed them to be true. He told my family many stories. There were stories about the store my family owned, and about how my grandfather fought in the war. There were stories about the hard times and stories about how life was so good “back in the day”. Out of all the stories that he told, there was only one story that was important to me. It was the story of my family history; the story of how my family came to America. That story was wrong. Growing up in the Adcock family, I was always told one very distinctive story about how my family came to America. This story has been passed down from generation to generation. It all starts in Ireland sometime in the 1600’s or before. Apparently, my distant ancestors were murderers, thieves, bank robbers, etc. They were an evil and malicious people. Many were imprisoned, and then at some point the jails began to be over crowded. My ancestors and their families were put on a ship and sent to America. This ship was always compared to the ships that the slaves were packed onto when sent to America. They were said to be very cramped. They were chained, had very little food, if any, and were treated like the devilish criminals they were. Once in America, they were given land to farm. They became potato farmers. Like I said,…

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