How Human Nature Is Good And Bad Essay

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King Lear is a tragic tale involving a King who has three daughters. He casts away his only daughter who truly loves him only to find out the true colors of his other two daughters. There is a major subplot in the tale of King Lear that involves Gloucester, who works for the king. Gloucester’s illegitimate son, Edmund, is jealous of his brother, Edgar, who is Gloucester’s legitimate son. Edmund wants nothing more than to betray his father by discrediting his brother. Shakespeare shows how human nature is good and bad, through the characters in this tale. In King Lear, the characters are either good or bad, however, some of those characters change throughout the story.
Lear is an old king ready to retire and divide his fortune/kingdom amongst his three daughters. Lear has such vanity and pride that he requires that his daughters proclaim their love for him and whomever proclaimed their love the most would receive the most inheritance. The good and gracious daughter, Cordelia, realizes that she cannot show her love towards her father with just words.

“Cordelia. [Aside] Then poor Cordelia!
And not so, since I am sure my love’s
More ponderous than my tongue.”
Act I, Scene I, Lines 78-80.

Obviously, Cordelia loves her father very much, however, she knew she could not please him if she was honest with him. Cordelia was good inside and out and she refused to go against her own morals. In order to please her father, she could have easily prepared a speech like her…

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