How Hegemonic Femininity Is Accomplished By The Reflection Of A Social Setting

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When humans are categorized in society, there is an expectation that their gender is defined by their biological sex. Their social setting influences their identities to become either masculine or feminine. The media enforces their gender to meet the social norms. Candace West and Don H. Zimmerman state that “doing gender” is accomplished by the social setting, which is enforced by social expectations (West and Zimmerman, 1987, p.34). For others who do not fit the social norm of gender, they are categorized as having a less dominant hegemonic femininity which negatively impacts their status in society. The essay will analyze how hegemonic femininity is “accomplished” by the reflection of a social setting and how the media enforces women to fit the gender standard. West and Zimmerman explain gender as a form of “routine”, where humans are socially constructed through behaviors, which consequently influence and grant them status to be either masculine or feminine (West and Zimmerman, 1987, p.35). In societal views, women and men are accepted to have their own individual set of traits and characteristics which define them as feminine or masculine. Other times, it is their activities or institutions which arise from their social setting and control the way they act. Furthermore, West and Zimmerman purpose that gender roles are already marked in society, which tell us that a gender is automatically inherited to one specific role; we see these roles especially in the division of…

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