How Has Banksy Impacted The World Essay

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How has Banksy impacted the world as the world’s most renowned vandal? My former art teacher has shown my class some examples of graffiti art to demonstrate stencil art. While the class scrolled through the pictures, we discovered they were by the same artist, Banksy because they all had a strong message in them, most depicting the government and outlying issues at the time. He then proceeded to show us a documentary called Exit through the Gift Shop. Which shows how much Banksy influence the people around him, whether they were after, with, or against him. No one seems to arrest him but actual just admires his work.
A UK born artist, started as part of the DryBreadZ Crew in Bristol, while in the crew adopted the name Banksy, to keep his identity a secret, which is now synonymous with graffiti, he also worked with Inkie and other noteworthy artists, who continue to work with him. He has been representing political and social occurrences through his artwork for years, which are featured throughout the world, defacing all properties, even having installations or structures and statues made, just recently, this year was his Dismaland, a “theme park”, mocking Disneyland. His art was to be seen as a sort of a way to depict high class, or the government.
Influences and Companions Banksy developed his style of graffiti from Blek le Rat, a French graffiti artist, the Father of Stencil Graffiti, specifically his artistic technique and political messaging. Banksy used…

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