How Globalization Affects My Country Essay

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After three years at Union College, I will graduate this spring with a double major (in the honors track) in economics and mathematics. I am looking forward to extending and developing my academic interests in international economics, which is the area of specialty I have concentrated on in my coursework and research during my undergraduate study. With the experience of growing up in China, I want to explore how globalization affects my country. I am currently working on my economics senior thesis – using a macroeconometric model of the Chinese economy to examine how increasing consumption, as a ratio of GDP (C/Y), might increase China’s real GDP in a series of short-run steps spread over a number of years. In particular, I am interested in extending my senior thesis to investigate the possibility of duplicating China’s rapid economic growth in other developing countries, especially in East Asia. My interest in international economics led me to apply to the Seward Fellows program – an honors program at Union College – and as part of that program I designed an independent theme minor. Since I applied to graduate one year earlier when I was a sophomore, I chose to compress my two-term Seward Fellows project into six weeks in the summer of my second year. My Seward project was to investigate the behavior of the yuan-USD exchange rate in the past ten years. After evaluating the growth rate of the ratio of China’s foreign reserves over its quarterly imports from 2005 to…

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