Essay on How Gender Roles Affect Immigrants

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First I will give a brief introduction to the problems immigrants face through urbanization. The gradual increase of people living in urban areas, and the way different individuals adapt to the change. Second I will discuss how gender roles affect immigrants. Customs they followed in their native land, and how immigrating to a foreign country changed those traditions. Finally ill discuss how social class affects immigrants in their homeland. Through the experience of my parents immigrating to the United States, ‘The Namesake’ film, and a series of online articles. Many immigrants face challenges of adapting to the Unites States, many dwell around the city. I noticed how urbanization, gender roles, and social class all affect them in some shape or form. When my parents decided to come to the United States, it gave them hope for a new beginning. Leaving friends and relatives behind my parents Elodio Altamar and Rosa Velazquez made the sacrifice to leave Mexico, illegally crossing the border in order to fulfill the American Dream. Why come to New York City? My father listened to the conversations older people had. “What you make here in Mexico you triple that in the United States maybe even more!” And “You can’t see the sun, it’s all covered by these huge buildings!” were things he typically heard. My father coming to New York City in 1993 and my mother with my siblings later on that year were not ready for the city life. Back in Mexico my parent’s own a house and a…

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