Essay on How Gender Affects Crime And Deviance

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There is a big issue among sociologists about how gender affects crime and deviance. Who commits more crime, men or women? Crime is referred by Webster’s dictionary1 as an illegal act which someone can be punished by the government. Deviance are actions and behaviour which violate social norms. Some sociological theorists think that males commit more, because of muscularity and different socialization of boys and girls. Some other thinkers would not agree with it. The sociologists try to proof their ideas by provising statistics in their researches, but it is agrueable whether these statistics are reliable or not. This essay is going to explore: firstly, the view that men tend to commit more crimes than women; secondly reasons for men committing crimes more that women.
Functionalists believe that crime can be positive.2 They argue that small amount of crime can be beneficial for society. One of the main functionalist sociologists Emile Durkheim outlined functional characteristic of crime, which means that certain amount of crime is necessary to generate social change. As Durkheim thought, crime makes laws challenged, social attitudes change, this makes society progress. The innovation only comes when old ideas are challenged. Basically, he meant that society will not progress without crime. Also Durkheim outlined some negative points of crime. He believed that big amount of crime can make society fall apart. This is because norms and values unite society and when these…

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