Essay on How Gandhi 's Attitude Towards Violence

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How was Gandhi’s attitude towards violence?
Whenever Gandhi valued a concept that he came across, he would adopt it completely and change his life in accordance to it(Parekh,2001,p6). This influenced many of his decisions; most notably his approach towards violence. For Gandhi, violence was a never a significant tool for bringing about change. This is depicted through his commitment to a life of truth, poverty, chastity and nonviolence(Brachamarya Vow). His attitude towards violence inclined him to make certain choices; from not eating meat to campaigning against untouchability. Despite agreeing that violence would be necessary when given a choice between violence and cowardice; he insists that it is less effective than non-violence in bringing about significant change. In accordance with concepts such as Ahimsa and Satyagraha, Gandhi emphasizes the significance of making your opponents violence visible so that the actual injustice is made apparent. Despite Gandhi never rejecting the significance of violence completely, he still makes the crucial aim of his movement to not coerce but to convert the opponent. In conjunction with his influences and intentions, we will discuss why and how we aims to do this.
Some may view the Kurukshetra war analogy as though it promotes violence. However, Gandhi spiritualizes the battlefield as a symbol which represents the soul. He advocates it as a metaphysical war that we have to fight from within. Gandhi had always had a pacifist attitude…

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