How free were Blacks in North Essay

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How Free Were Free Blacks In North?
“I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one, I would have the other.” Stated by a freed Northern slave in his journal. The civil war affected the course of America and changed the World we know today. With the effect of slavery thousands of African Americans were outlawed into slaves across United States. With civil war storm clouds building, blacks did anything to be free by running to the free lands of so called “equality.” Many took a route called the Underground Railroad to the North lands. People thought that the North was free and equal but wasn’t so. The outcome of ex-fugitive slaves in the North wasn’t great. Through segregation and inequality, the blacks were restricted in North. They
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Many were facing a such capitalism among government in North. The restrictions of political rights and freedom changed the format of politics and the way of government across the world.

After the Industrial Revolution, economic changed the world of business. The interchange of commerce and work affected the rights upon us all. Blacks struggled in North to get work and find decent jobs. Blacks were segregated off from working with whites and could only get jobs that weren’t associated with whites. Found in Charles Andrews letter; “…Why should I strive hard and acquire all the constituents of a man if the prevailing genius of the land admit me not as such, or but in an interior degree.” Blacks schools were open to attend but however no businesses or economic jobs. “Drudgery and servitude then are my prospective portion. Can you be surprised at my discouragement?” With huge economic growth upon the U.S., business and jobs increased and so did money. Free enterprise would shape the world we would know today. Thus economical freedoms contribute to a world of industry and money.
“Shall religion be pronounced by the color of your skin?” Religion was one of the top reasons for migration in the 1700s. But in 1859 religion was changed abnormal and unbalanced. Religion was an important aspect to everyone in 1800s. Blacks were discriminated by tone to segregated religion. African Americans were forced to their own religion and could not attend white churches of

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