How Flowers Changed The World Summary

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How Flowers Changed the World: A Review
“How Flowers Changed the World” is an essay written by American anthropologist, Loren Eiseley, from his 1957 classic, The Immense Journey, regarding the pivotal role of flowers in the evolution of life. It is an informative and interesting essay that showed the importance and evolution of angiosperms through a factual timeline in a vivid manner that makes us realize our own relationship with nature.
This essay about the rise of angiosperms and how they made an evolutionary change in the life of living organisms aims to open the eyes of readers to the impact of even the smallest and most fragile subjects of creation to the biological ecosystem. Through a scientific illustration of how the world was and how it came to be when the flowers suddenly appeared out of nowhere, Eiseley successfully incorporates his idea to the reader’s mind. He also shares his
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Each day, humans demand to achieve. Every single minute, humans seek to rule, but even with all these unique abilities, humans are still humans. We are limited and mammals who were once “waiting for the Age of Flowers.” In the final paragraph, Eiseley emphasized that we owe our current form to the flowers. Without flowers, “man might still be a nocturnal insectivore gnawing a roach in the dark.” He implied two things: We are dependent to the environment that we are in, and our capabilities wouldn’t exist if it were not for our changing world. The complexity of human life is solely connected to the ever-growing and blossoming fields of flowers around the world. The energy that humans use comes those produced by the angiosperms. In a scientific sense, evolution originally started during the emergence of flowers. How flowers started is a mystery but how flowers changed the world could be seen until

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