How Epistocracy Is A System Of Government Essay

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Epistocracy is a system of government in which voting is knowledge-based. The way democracy in America works is that a campaigning politician will reach for a center audience in order to appeal to the common people while really having plans for the left or right. More often than not, the common people are not as educated on the important topics at hand. Many voters are ignorant, uneducated, or misinformed. Epistocracy is a form of democracy but instead there is a test that determines if someone’s vote counts more. The better a person’s score on the test is, the more that person’s vote will count. It can also create specific voting where people will vote on policies. There are varying opinions on the idea of Epistocracy and the people who believe they are educated enough will be pleased but the average people may not agree with the fact that their vote does not count as much. Epistocracy is a type of democracy that is both favored and opposed and many theorists including Plato, Aristotle, Mill, and Locke would have their own opinions on the idea. Plato believed that only a few people could get through the ignorance to see what the world truly is. It is for this reason that he would be a strong believer in Epistocracy. Plato was a believer of hierarchy and having the wise people be the leaders, because to him, the common people were ignorant. Because Plato believed this, he would follow the idea of epistocratic government and only giving the intellectual and well-informed…

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