Essay about How Employment Affects Individuals With Mental Illness

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How Employment Affects Individuals with Mental Illness in America Mental illness has become more apparent in many american’s lives and affects individuals in so many aspects of their life. Finding employment can be a stressful time in life for any individual but when it comes down to individuals with mental illness, some find this a very challenging time. The National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) shares on their website that approximately one in five adults in the United States experiences mental illness in a given year (NAMI). This is a large percentage and it is still expected that many of these individuals are responsible for finding work and providing for themselves financially. NAMI also shares that 26% of homeless adults do live with a serious mental illness. For someone with a mental illness, working to the standards of an individual without a mental illness can be very difficult and can lead to even more challenges in their everyday life. Review of Literature Many studies have been conducted that show how individuals with mental illness come across challenges with simple everyday tasks. Both employers and employees can struggle at times understanding how individuals with mental illness function and how they need to be treated. Little research has been done in this field specifically in the United States of America but we can examine research conducted in other countries that we can learn from. It is important that we take the time…

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