How Effectivley Did the Liberal Government Deal with the Problem of Poverty Between 1906 and 1914

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How effectively did the liberal government deal with the problem of poverty between 1906 and 1914?
Between 1906 and 1914 the liberal democrats where in power, at this time it was becoming apparent that poverty was a big problem in Britain and reports from two men, Charles Booth and Seebolm Rowntree who had interests in social reform and the poorest off people of Britain, showed that many people in Britain where living below the poverty line. The liberals realised that in order to stay in power they had to make social changes and leave behind old laissez faire liberal ideas. Because of the level of poverty many families lived in bad housing had a poor diet and poor health. The Liberal government began a series of reforms aimed at helping
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Finally, forbidding children to beg (making them vulnerable to street life), or drinking under the age of sixteen. This protected children from the harshness of living on the street, related health damage and alcoholism. It can be said that this act had important benefits for protecting children although parental neglect and cruelty was still not adequately combated.
The liberals also passed an act to reduce poverty amongst the elderly. This was the Old Age Pensions Act of 1908 which provided a full state pension to people who had earned less than £21 a year and then provided a sliding scale of pension rates to people who had earned between £31 and £21. To begin with 650,000 people came forward to claim from the pension scheme though this represented very few of the people who were eligible for it. This number had increased significantly to nearly one million by 1914. The act reduced the poverty level of the elderly who had previously relied on support from their families, which in turn may have relieved the poverty off the families. The act was very popular with the elderly especially as it was not seen as charity, and at this time charity was seen as something to be ashamed off. Though the act did alleviate many elderly from their previous level of poverty the payment of 5s a week to single people over 70 was

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