How Education Is Vital For Obtaining Jobs And Gaining Success

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I agree with many of the points made by Woodson in this book and for the points I could not directly relate to, I could reflect and see validity in his statements. I like that he tries to instill confidence in Black people by telling them that their history did not begin with slavery and critiquing the way slavery and black history is taught. He addresses the issue of not hearing about our own, history, culture, and accomplishments while we praise the work and accomplishments of white people. He critiques the learning system because it does teach Black people that they are inferior and many people don’t get to see anything different unless they do outside research or if they are fortunate enough to go to college and take an Africana class. He also addresses the issue of limited opportunities for Black people and how education is vital to obtaining jobs and gaining success. However, since the educational system is flawed in its teachings and student relations, he concludes that white people’s teachings do not have Black people’s best interest. An example of this is how people who published textbooks didnt include the constitution in textbooks for black students because they feared they may ask for their rights. This proves that their main goal is to celebrate their history and truths and use textbooks as forms of propaganda in order to tell students how great America is and how brilliant white people are while ignoring the contributions Black people have given America.…

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